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This is a list of species occurring in Fields and Open Areas habitat, in order by the Common Name that is used for each species on this site.
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Apple, Common (Malus pumila)
Apple, Common
(Malus pumila)
Arrowwood, Smooth (Viburnum recognitum)
Arrowwood, Smooth
(Viburnum recognitum)
Aspen, Trembling (Populus tremuloides)
Aspen, Trembling
(Populus tremuloides)
Barberry, European (Berberis vulgaris)
Barberry, European
(Berberis vulgaris)
Barberry, Japanese (Berberis thunbergii)
Barberry, Japanese
(Berberis thunbergii)
Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia)
(Staphylea trifolia)
Cactus, Prickly Pear (Opuntia humifusa)
Cactus, Prickly Pear
(Opuntia humifusa)
Creeper, Virginia (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
Creeper, Virginia
(Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
Dogwood, Gray (Cornus racemosa)
Dogwood, Gray
(Cornus racemosa)
Elderberry, Common (Sambucus nigra)
Elderberry, Common
(Sambucus nigra)
Indigo, False (Amorpha fruticosa)
Indigo, False
(Amorpha fruticosa)
Juneberry, Mountain (Amelanchier bartramiana)
Juneberry, Mountain
(Amelanchier bartramiana)
Mountain Avens, White (Dryas integrifolia)
Mountain Avens, White
(Dryas integrifolia)
Poplar, Lombardy (Populus nigra)
Poplar, Lombardy
(Populus nigra)
Raspberry, Black (Rubus occidentalis)
Raspberry, Black
(Rubus occidentalis)
Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
(Cercis canadensis)
Rose, Prairie (Rosa setigera)
Rose, Prairie
(Rosa setigera)
Rose, Prickly Wild (Rosa acicularis)
Rose, Prickly Wild
(Rosa acicularis)
Serviceberry, Downy (Amelanchier arborea)
Serviceberry, Downy
(Amelanchier arborea)
Serviceberry, Low (Amelanchier humilis)
Serviceberry, Low
(Amelanchier humilis)
Serviceberry, Smooth (Amelanchier laevis)
Serviceberry, Smooth
(Amelanchier laevis)
Serviceberry, Swamp (Amelanchier canadensis)
Serviceberry, Swamp
(Amelanchier canadensis)
St Johnswort, Shrubby (Hypericum prolificum)
St Johnswort, Shrubby
(Hypericum prolificum)
Tea, Narrow-leaved New Jersey (Ceanothus herbaceus)
Tea, Narrow-leaved New Jersey
(Ceanothus herbaceus)
Willow, Weeping (Salix babylonica)
Willow, Weeping
(Salix babylonica)
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