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I have been engaged in a self-study program of learning the plants of southern Ontario. When I go out for a hike, I try to identify the plants that I come across. However, sometimes I am not successful.  On some walks sometimes I have a friend along who helps in the identification, but sometimes they are not 100% sure either. In all these cases I take some photographs and try to identify the plants later using more books to refer to.
Even then, I am still sometimes unable to identify some of the plants! So, in an effort to learn the ones I can't identify, I am posting them on these pages.


If you can help, please email me.  Please include the plant number with your responses.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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  • #90010
    Added to Mystery Plants 2011-01-01
    An unknown shrub, growing on one of my properties in Grey County.
  • #90011
    Added to Mystery Plants 2011-01-01
    A shrub near Milton Ontario. End of December 2004.
  • #90012
    Added to Mystery Plants 2011-01-01
    A large tree with rather plump buds. Near Cambridge, in the Puslinch Resource Management Area. I haven't been back in the spring or summer to see what it is.
  • #90019
    Added to Mystery Plants 2011-01-21
    An Elm, but with rather strange bark. Unfortunately this tree has now died (these photos were taken in 2003 and 2004). Near Cambridge, Ontario.