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Willows Group

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Willows are notoriously difficult to tell apart. Visit the Willow ID tips page for some help with this group.


Basket Willow (Salix purpurea)
Basket Willow
(Salix purpurea)
Bebb's Willow (Salix bebbiana)
Bebb's Willow
(Salix bebbiana)
Black Willow (Salix nigra)
Black Willow
(Salix nigra)
Heart-leaved Willow (Salix cordata)
Heart-leaved Willow
(Salix cordata)
Laurel Willow (Salix pentandra)
Laurel Willow
(Salix pentandra)
Missouri Willow (Salix eriocephala)
Missouri Willow
(Salix eriocephala)
Net-veined Willow (Salix reticulata)
Net-veined Willow
(Salix reticulata)
Prairie Willow (Salix humilis)
Prairie Willow
(Salix humilis)
Pussy Willow (Salix discolor)
Pussy Willow
(Salix discolor)
Sage-leaved Willow (Salix candida)
Sage-leaved Willow
(Salix candida)
Sandbar Willow (Salix exigua)
Sandbar Willow
(Salix exigua)
Shining Willow (Salix lucida)
Shining Willow
(Salix lucida)
Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)
Weeping Willow
(Salix babylonica)
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