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Dwarf Birch
Betula pumila

Other common names: Swamp Birch

Other scientific names: Betula borealis, Betula glandulifera

French names: Bouleau nain

Family: Birch Family (Betulaceae)

Group: Birches

Distinctive features: ShrubSub-Shrub; Usually a small shrub, with very un-birchlike leaves - round and toothed.

Leaves: Alternate, Simple, Toothed

Habitat: Wet Areas

Books: Shrubs of Ontario: 103   

Native/Non-native: Native

Origin and Meaning of Names:
 Scientific Name: pumila: dwarf

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Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Dwarf Birch is usually a very small low shrub.

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Dwarf Birch is most common in boggy areas and in the far north.

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Typical growth form.

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Typical leaf - upper surface.

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Underside of a leaf.

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Anotehr view of a typical leaf. As you cna see, it is not very "birch-like".

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)


Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)


Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

A fairly large specimen at the Guelph Arboretum. This is not typical of how it grows in the wild.

Range map for Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila)

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