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Ontario Pine Trees


This page is a quick guide to the distinguishing features of the various species of Pines found in Ontario.
By Walter Muma


Longer-needled pines
Eastern White Pine -needles in bunches of 5 (memory aid: 5 letters in the word "white")
-needles 5-15 cm long
Red Pine


-needles in bunches of 2
-break when wrapped around finger
-needles 10-16 cm long
Austrian Pine -needles in bunches of 2
-needles don't break as readily when wrapped around finger
-needles 8-16 cm long
Shorter-needled pines
Pitch Pine -needles in bunches of 3 (the only one like this)
-needles twisted
-needles 7-12 cm long
-a more southerly tree
Scots Pine -needles in bunches of 2
-needles twisted
-needles 4-8 cm long
Jack Pine -needles in bunches of 2
-needles straight or only slightly twisted
-needles 2-4 cm long (the shortest of these Pines)
-needles spread apart in a "V" shape
-more northerly
-cones tightly closed until high temperatures open them
Mugo Pine -needles in bunches of 2
-a shrub, rarely reaches tree size